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Ana Express Cutting Plotter Ae 70

Ana Express Cutting Plotter Ae 70

Ana Express Cutting Plotter Ae 70



Ana Express Cutting Plotter Ae 70

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The APU-specific controls consist of three memory mapped registers:

In the example shown above, the APU keeps all the registers that configure the internal hardware within a memory map that is cleared after the reset of the system. All the APU memory mapped registers are initialized with default values before the reset.

Before the reset of the APU, the internal hardware initialization is resumed. At this stage, the operating system is not functional and therefore the operating system cannot change the hardware configuration. The operating system can verify the hardware configuration and can switch the APU into a configuration mode that can be used by the firmware to start operating in user mode. In the ARM926EJ-S core, there is only one DSU control register.

NOTE – The APU has no DSU so it is not necessary for the user mode to provide all the hardware configuration for this core.

When the user mode completes the initialization of the APU, the user mode CPU can control the APU using the registers that are mapped into the APU’s memory space. This operation requires a hardware interrupt that is generated by the APU.

Dual-Core APU

The dual-core APU provides two independently controllable subsystems. The APU can be in one of four modes:

Normal mode

Single-CPU mode – CPU #1

Single-CPU mode – CPU #2

Interprocessor communication (IPC) mode

(NOTE: When the system is in IPC mode, there is no internal communication between the CPUs)

There are three memory mapped registers, one for each of the cores:

In the example above, the AP

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