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Zorin Os Ultimate Torrent

Zorin Os Ultimate Torrent




Zorin Os Ultimate Torrent

Category:Zorin OS
Category:Linux distributionsok so I just recently got into the Prime picture cause I am my class’s photographer and I am having a hard time to get into the picture itself (which is the Professor’s order not mine) well anyways we had to do a 20 min presentation of our chosen topic and after a very interesting presentation we were given the script to read through and decide what our projects would be.

I was planning on doing a project on “Germany’s largest paper factory” which I found extremely interesting I had never heard of it before and watched some documentaries on it (it’s the first time that I’ve found anything out of Germany (I’m american), we went there at the end of the month and I was getting worried that I won’t be able to learn anything because no one speaks english there.)

anyways all the people in this project are from “German culture” and they all say what they want to accomplish for their project. and since I thought that would be a cool project I googled for the paper mill and I found something I didn’t know about: It’s the “first continuous paper mill in the world”.

however, after researching the thing a little more, I found something that made me wonder… why isn’t the German government more interested in this project? does it have anything to do with their Nazi era? (this may sound like a weird question but I’ve seen alot of documentaries about it so I want to know the truth.)

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Dec 11, 2019
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